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Add.: NO.128 Jianan Road,Xingta Industry,Jinshan District,Shanghai City
P.C.: 201502
( 1 ) Protecting the Environment
Ashburn Aluminium foil  has a deep commitment to protecting the environment
Aluminum foil products, safety, environmental protection, low-carbon, using the aluminum foil products instead of plastic cutlery, no white pollution.

( 2 ) Recycling our Product
Aluminium, our basic material, is endlessly recyclable. Its 95% recoverability leads to the conservation of natural energy resources and means that Aluminium has low legislative compliance costs.
The result is that our foil is not only environmentally acceptable, but also a very competitive choice in the marketplace when set against competing raw materials.

( 3 ) Environmental  Policy
Ashburn Aluminium Foil aims to comply with legislation, customer, and other requirements that apply to our manufacturing and daily office activities, products and services. We are committed to preventing pollution and aim to minimise the environmental impact of our activities by
  •      ▪ Adopting Environmentally-responsible policies and practices throughout our operations in so far as client and customer constraints allow.
  •      ▪ Maintaining and developing the ASHBURNl Environmental Management system in line with the Group's accreditations, setting objectives and targets, monitoring and reviewing our processes.
  •       ▪ Working closely with interested parties, including clients, suppliers, sub contractors, statutory authorities, and local communities.
  •       ▪Supporting the development of employees and ensuring that they receive precise training appropriate to their job description in implementing this environmental policy.

    Every employee within the Ashburn Aluminium Foil has an individual responsibility to help meet and achieve the requirements of the policy that has been set out.